Birthing Options


Birthing Options


  • Labour and birth care provided at the Lyell McEwin Hospital

  • Low-risk Birth Centre care - Low risk women can use the Birth Centre, which offers large rooms with double beds to accommodate partners and large showers and baths for the use of water throughout labour and/or birth.

  • Waterbirth-accredited

  • Certified Hypnobirthing supporter

  • High-risk Delivery Suite care - The Delivery Suite is usually reserved for women with potential pregnancy or birth risk factors, or those wanting an epidural for labour

  • All requests for specific care during labour and birth will be discussed and negotiated as necessary

  • Tours of the LMH Maternity Services to view the facilities can be arranged by request

  • Early discharge from hospital offered 4 - 6 hours after birth

  • Please note: due to the terms of my contract for visiting rights at LMH, I cannot offer home birth as part of my service




Photo credit: Lydia Hayek